It's Time

Business-minded investors know when it is time to act and NOW is the time for real estate.  Many believe the 1% return most banks offer on savings accounts and CDs is a good and safe investment. We at Edward Farmer Investments know you can do better. Our investors regularly gain 8-10% returns while maintaining control over the money they invest.

Today‚Äôs housing market is chaotic; novice investors run from this while savvy investors see it as an opportunity to seize the day.  Edward Farmer Investments knows that now is the time to turn opportunities into profit for our investors.  With our knowledge, skills and stable management, we can help you prepare for retirement and create the financial flexibility you want.

Simply contact us and we can begin helping you find the right solutions to help you build the financial security you need.

Let Edward Farmer Investments help you make the most of your money now!

Recent Investment:

Total invested: $300,000

Time invested:3 months

Yield: 9%

Summary: $1,000 yielded $1,090 in 3 months

Note: CD is accessible only at predetermined times 
           (usually every 12 months)

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