Philip Farmer Sr., founder of Edward Farmer Investments, and single father of a disabled son, was faced with a need for flexibility in his work. With this in mind, Phillip developed avenues to earn money that allowed him to spend extensive amounts of time with his son.  Real Estate, it turned out, was the key. After years of investment and entrepreneurial experience, he is now in a position to help others grow financially.

Born in San Antonio to an entrepreneurial family, Phillip put his family background to work and continued the tradition.  Learning strength and service in the US Army, this decorated veteran of Desert Storm went on to own and operate a catering company in Dallas. Phillip’s success is evidenced by a client list that included Cartier, Banana Republic, Michael Dell, T. Boon Pickens, Neiman Marcus and others. When his family needed help running the Farmer Assisted Living Facility for Veterans, he closed that business and returned to San Antonio.  Through hard work and dedication, the facility became one of the best care centers for veterans in San Antonio.

The same work ethic that carried Phillip through his life is applied to every investment he makes. He is committed to seeking a secure successful future for you and your family. He did it all for his family and he will help you do it for yours.